Publishing Options in Drupal

The Publishing options section lets you control what happens after you create content in Drupal. These options are available when you create or edit your content.

Published content

If your content is published, that means that users who visit your site will be able to navigate to and view your content. If you are still working on your content and would like to save your work without it being visible to a wider audience, you can uncheck Published. The content will not be visible to anyone but its creator.

If you are not the creator, unchecking Published will make it unavailable to you. If you would like to make changes to content belonging to someone else, contact the owner.

To find unpublished content that you created, use the Find Content link in the upper-left hand corner of the gray menu bar when you are logged in.

Promoted content

If your content is promoted, that means it will appear in the Top Stories carousel on your site's homepage until enough new content has been promoted for it to cycle out. If your content does not have its Homepage feature information filled in, it will show up in your carousel as a simple link without an image or accompanying text. We highly recommend that you create homepage feature information for any content that will be promoted to the Top Stories carousel. If you do not provide an image, or if you do not wish the article to appear in the Top Stories carousel for any other reason, simply uncheck Promoted.

Content does not need to be promoted in order to be published, but it does need to be published in order for it to be promoted.

Sticky content

If your content is sticky, that means that it will not automatically cycle out of your Top Stories carousel as new content is promoted. It will remain anchored to the carousel and appear ahead of newer content. You can make more than one piece of content sticky at any given time, but we highly recommend that you only do this with one piece of content at a time. Because only three stories appear at a time in the Top Stories carousel, doing this with three or more stories will make it appear as though your content never changes to users who do not use the arrow navigation to view all stories, even when you do promote new content. To let content “age out” of the Top Stories carousel, simply uncheck Sticky.

Content does not need to be sticky in order to be promoted, but it does need to be promoted in order for it to be sticky.



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