Enhancing Your Website


There are several ways to enhance your existing department or program website.

  1. Redesign a Website: Provides a new graphical treatment and colors for the entire site.
  2. Restructure Site Navigation and Directories: Helps users find information more easily.
  3. Advanced Additions for Your Website: Additions of more advanced items such as Flickr photo galleries, YouTube video and more.
  4. Quality Assurance(QA): The aim of QA is to offer web visitors pages that:
    • Look professional
    • Are user friendly
    • Have a clean layout
    • Are easy to navigate
    • Function properly (e.g., no broken links, missing images, etc.)
    • Are accessible to all

Dartmouth's Web Services Group will review your website and do the following:

  • Establish page structure
  • Verify site navigation
  • Remove erroneous code
  • Run Link Checking to fix broken links
  • Run Spellchecker to correct spelling errors
  • Make note of accessibility issues (e.g., drop-down menus, color-coded text, etc.)

They will not edit any of the content on your site.

For assistance, please contact Web Services



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