About Drupal

Drupal is one of Dartmouth's content management systems (the way we handle the content we put on our sites). The design delivers a consistent user experience across all platforms, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Because Drupal separates content from design, web editors like yourself will be focusing on content that won't be stuck in one place. Drupal is database-driven, meaning content can appear wherever it is needed. For example, you may edit a profile in the Faculty Directory, which will in turn feed into various departmental People listings. An event can be edited in one place, then appear in several other places. Drupal also allows for time-sensitive content, such as news articles that queue up with the newest content first, or evergreen content, such as the basic pages within your site that don't change very often.

These and other Drupal content types all use the same easy-to-use editing interface that allows you to modify a page's content without affecting its layout.




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