Menu Feature in Drupal


If you wish to draw extra attention to your content, you can make it a menu feature, which appears when a user hovers the cursor over the main menu bar. A menu feature is not a page; it’s a link, but you have to create it just like you would create a page or profile.

  1. Go to Add Content in the gray menubar at the top of your browser window.
  2. Click Create Menu Feature.
  3. Give the feature a title of a few words, describing what the page is about.
  4. Select an image.
  5. Leave the link title “Read more” – this is standard for our site.
  6. Enter the URL of the page that the feature will point to.
  7. Under Menu Item, type the name of the top-level menu under which you want your feature to appear. You don’t need to type URLs. If you want it to appear under Foreign Study, type Foreign Study.
  8. Ignore the other options.
  9. Click Save, and you’re done.


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