Find Content in Drupal

Find Content

The Find Content link allows you to view all of the published or unpublished content, files or webforms on your site. Make sure that you are logged into your site and click Find content in the upper left-hand side of the gray menu bar.

The two fastest ways to categorize and analyze content are filtering and sorting.


Filtering allows you to specify the content you are interested in. If you only want to look at sticky articles, you would click the status dropdown and set it to sticky, set type to article, and click Filter. You can’t filter for more than one thing at a time, so you can only look at one status and type at once. To start over, simply click Reset. If it is not visible, use the dropdown menus to set a new filter.


With or without filtering, you can sort content by Title, Type, Status, or the last date it was updated. To do this, click on the column heading as they appear at the top of the content listing.

Note: There's a technical issue that may cause a few names to sometimes appear out of alphabetical order. Affected names will always appear near the top of the list. The rest of the names will be in correct alphabetical order.


Once you have identified the content you want, click Edit on the far right of the row or click on the content title itself.

Update Options

This option is handy when you need to change a number of articles.

For example, If you wish to unstick all of your sticky articles, you could apply filters for sticky articles, then click the checkbox at the far left of the top row to select all the filtered articles (or just check specific ones), then select Make selected content not sticky from the dropdown menu, and click Update.



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