AV Design Service Overview



AV design services are available to the Dartmouth community. We help space owners explore and articulate their present and future needs through our understanding of how technology and work-life interact.

Available to

Faculty and staff in the Arts and Sciences

Benefits and Features

Through our AV design services, we will help you to create a technology-enriched space that meets your needs and also contains equipment and interfaces that are consistent with other spaces on campus to leverage a common experience and improve your guests’ experience of your space

We can help manage the relationship between you and the technology integrator, acting as a translator so that your needs are understood. We can also assist in evaluating proposed designs and validate vendor pricing.

For all rooms that we help design, we will help you track equipment post-installation and advise on when you should think about replacing it.


Initial consultation is free. Afterwards, we operate on a fee for service based on a percentage of installation price.


Andrew.G.Faunce@Dartmouth.edu or 603-646-3614


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