Procedure for Lost or Stolen Computers


If a Dartmouth-owned computer or smart phone has been lost or stolen, the department that owns the machine should notify:

  1. Risk and Internal Controls Services. They are the group responsible for claims and insurance.
  2. Dartmouth Office of Safety & Security, if the theft or loss occurred on campus.
  3. The IT Help Desk:
    1. Request the network be set to monitor for if the device reappears on the network.
    2. If the device was a smartphone, depending upon how the smartphone was set up, Exchange Active Sync can be used to wipe the data from the phone if it comes back online.
  4. Dartmouth's Office of Information Security. They will need to know the type of data that was on the device and will work to prevent or notify about a data breach as appropriate.
  5. The Computer Store, if the computer is part of the CAP (standards) program. Request a copy of the Risk and Internal Control report be copied to The Computer Store. Provide the Service Tag for the lost or stolen equipment. To replace the lost or stolen equipment, a new CAP form with chart string needs to be submitted. In addition, ITC support systems can be used to encrypt and copy data from the computer to a Dartmouth service then wipe the drive, if the computer comes back online.


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