macOS Ventura error message "Notify is damaged and can't be opened"

This issue has been resolved in the latest GreenPrint Installer. If you have not re-installed GreenPrint since the beginning of 2023, please do so following the steps detailed in the following knowledge base article:

GreenPrint Install

Apple released macOS Ventura on October 24th, 2022.  The GreenPrint 'Notify' application is reported by the macOS as being '...damaged and cannot be opened'.

To work around this, do the following:

1 - In the error message, click the "Show in Finder" button

2 - This will open a window showing the 'Notify' app.

3 - Control-click or Right-click Notify and select Open

4 - Click the Open button in the new window to mark Notify as being acceptable to open

5 - Close the Pharos Window and continue to print with GreenPrint.


You can also delete the GreenPrint-KM printer from your Macintosh System Settings and then download and re-install GreenPrint-KM by using the recently updated installer at:


If you have an issue with this, please go to the ITC Services page and click 'Submit a Ticket'.


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