Logging into a Dartmouth Phone Using an non-Dartmouth.edu Email Address

Occasionally, Dartmouth provides phones for people who do not have Dartmouth NetIDs. An example of this would be when a group closely affiliated with, but external to Dartmouth, rents space and network connectivity from Dartmouth. If part of the agreement with Dartmouth is to provide phones, those people can use a software-based phone, or use a website to change the configuration on their phone, using a non-Dartmouth email address.

Follow the steps below to log into the GoToConnect application on a computer or smart phone, or to the my.jive.com website:

Initial Set up

  1. A Dartmouth phone administrator needs to set up a user record for you in the Dartmouth phone system specifying the email address you will use to log into GoToConnect or my.jive.com. Then a Dartmouth phone number and extension need to be associated with that user.
  2. Once that is done, and not before, open a web browser and go to onjive.com/register.
  3. In the First Name field, enter your first name.
  4. In the Last Name field, enter your last name. 
  5. In the Business Email Address field, enter the non-Dartmouth email address that the phone administrator used when setting up your user record in the phone system. This will also be the address to which voicemail messages and faxes will be directed. 
  6. Create a Password for logging into the Dartmouth phone system. 
  7. Click Register

Accessing Your Phone

  1. Once the initial set up is complete, whenever you want to access your phone start GoToConnect, or open a web browser and go to my.jive.com
  2. When prompted for your email address, enter the non-Dartmouth email address that you specified when you registered at onjive.com/register. Click Next
  3. When prompted for your password, enter the password you created when you registered at onjive.com/register. Click Sign In. It is important to note that if you forget this password, you will need to contact GoToConnect Support to get it reset; Dartmouth's IT Service Desk will not be able to assist with this. See https://support.goto.com/connect/help/how-do-i-contact-gotoconnect-customer-support for information on contacting GoToConnect support.


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