Slack Connect

Slack Connect is a new feature in Slack that allows organizations to collaborate with each other more easily than before. There are two main ways to use Slack Connect:

Shared Channel

A channel from one of your workspaces may be shared with an external organization’s workspace. The channel appears along with the other channels in their workspace, which makes it easier to access as they will not need to sign in with a guest account to communicate with you.

Sharing channels works with organizations with paid and free Slack plans. As part of our Enterprise Grid plan, we are able to host shared channels for collaborators on free Slack plans.

Once you send an invitation to share a channel, a Dartmouth Slack admin will need to approve the request.

  • Useful if there are several people from an organization that need to access a channel.
  • Avoids needing to invite multiple people as guests.
  • Can be used with Public or Private channels.
  • Up to 20 organizations can be added to a channel at once.

For a quick summary, watch this 2-minute video about Slack Connect

Learn how to share a channel with someone outside of Dartmouth

Direct Message

You can also collaborate with others by sending them a direct message (DM) invitation.

  • The person receiving the DM invite does not need to be on a paid plan to accept.
  • The conversation can be ended at any time.
  • Once you start a DM with someone, they can be added to group DMs with others at Dartmouth.

Learn how to start a direct message with someone outside of Dartmouth


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