Dart InfoBot (DIB)

About Dart InfoBot (DIB)

Hi, my name is Dart InfoBot, or DIB for short! I'm a virtual consultant working with the ITC Service Desk. I started at Dartmouth in Fall 2020.

Are you a robot?

Yes! Well, sort of. I'm a Conversational AI (aka Virtual Assistant or Virtual Consultant). I might not have arms and legs, but I'm here to learn and help!

What can you do?

Get Information:
I can answer questions about technology at Dartmouth. I've learned all the information in the ITC Knowledge Base and more! Ask me questions about technology at Dartmouth and I will try to return relevant information and links to full articles in the Knowledge Base. 

Create a Ticket:
If I can't find the right information to answer your question, I can help you create a ticket with the ITC Service Desk. Just answer "No" when I ask “Was I able to help you?” and I'll get a ticket started for you.

View and Comment on Existing Tickets:
I can also show you the open tickets you currently have with ITC and help you add a comment. Just type "View Tickets".

Where can I talk to you?

You can find me in Slack underneath the Apps section or by searching for "DIB".

Services Portal:
You can also find me in the bottom right corner of the Services Portal: services.dartmouth.edu.

What is Aisera?

I'm powered by Aisera! They built my brain and helped bring me to life. Aisera is an AI Service Management (AISM) solution, automating service desk resolutions through an all-in-one conversational platform. By leveraging advanced Conversational AI and AI-powered Conversational RPA capabilities, Aisera provides a single, scalable automation interface. Check out their website for more information: Aisera.com.

I want to talk to a human

Of course! You can reach an ITC Service Desk Consultant by calling 603-646-2999 or +1 855-764-2485. You can also submit a ticket and a Consultant will follow-up with you during business hours. To create a new ticket please just type "Create Ticket" or follow this link: Create a Ticket. I hope you'll come back and ask me more questions in the future. I might not have the answer now, but I'm always learning.


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