Departing Employee - Start Here



  1. Begin work to move personal email or files to a personal email account or storage option. If you don't have a personal email account outside of Dartmouth, it's easy to set one up in Gmail.

  2. Work with your Department as early as possible to be sure they have access to any data you have stored in your Dartmouth account they may need after you leave. For example, if you have a folder of marketing materials in your OneDrive or Dropbox, your Dept colleagues will not be able to get to that once your account expires.

  3. Put an out of office message on your Dartmouth account BEFORE you leave.

  4. Reference the green box above to find articles to specific subject areas you may need to know before you leave.

Here are some things for you to think about:

  • Even though you may have had a Dartmouth email address and mailbox for many years, the messages in your Dartmouth email are property of the College.  If you used your address for personal correspondence that you want to keep, you should forward those messages to a personal email account (like a or account) BEFORE you leave employment.  Work related email messages should not be forwarded to a personal email account. Your Dartmouth email access will be turned off 30 days after your last day of employment.

***Please note***- your account access cannot be extended past those 30 days after your last day of employment.  Please plan ahead.
  • Did you keep your personal photos in your Dartmouth OneDrive or on the hard drive of the computer you used at Dartmouth? You will need to transfer those to a personal OneDrive, hard drive or flash drive BEFORE leaving employment. 

  • You can keep an Out of Office message on your Dartmouth email account for up to 30 days after your last day of employment, while your account is still active.  After the 30 days, email messages sent to your Dartmouth email address will bounce back to the sender.  We are not able to keep an Out of Office message active past the 30 days after you leave employment.

  • If the computer, monitor or other tech equipment you used while employed at Dartmouth was purchased with Dartmouth funds- a chart string, a grant, a p-card, that equipment is property of the College and stays at Dartmouth after you leave employment.  Please remember to make arrangements to get personal files off the equipment before you leave employment.  In most cases, the computers will be wiped to be reused by the department.


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