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About MyPrintCenter

Every student at Dartmouth has access to the online GreenPrint site MyPrintCenter. Students can access this site by going to MyPrintCenter lists the following details about your GreenPrint account:

  • Current funds in GreenPrint account
  • Previous and currently-uploaded print jobs
  • Cost of each print job
  • Date and location of successful print jobs

Using the MyPrintCenter

  1.  Uploading a document to MyPrintCenter: Students can upload documents directly to MyPrintCenter by logging in with their NetID and Dartmouth password, then going to  Upload in the top left corner of the page. Students can then select the document of their choice to be uploaded. Once uploaded, the document will be listed in the "Job List" section of the website. It is important for students to make sure they have sufficient funds to print before printing at any GreenPrint station.


2. To delete a file from GreenPrint: select the checkbox on the left side of the file and select Delete from the top row of options:


3. To view previously printed documents: go to the Activity pane on the top left of the page. Here, the student has access to when and where certain documents were printed, as well as how much each print job cost.


Unable to Connect

If a student cannot connect to the site or is getting an error stating the site cannot load, the student should make sure they are on Eduroam. If the student is away from campus but wants to upload a document, enabling the GlobalProtect VPN will allow the user to access the website.



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