Jive Becomes GoToConnect

Dartmouth’s new phone service provider, Jive, was recently purchased by LogMeIn, the maker of GoToConnect. GoToConnect is now being used to provide the software-based phones for the Jive phone system. GoToConnect Desktop and Mobile are replacing Jive Desktop and Mobile.

Due to this, the “Jive” name is being replaced with “GoToConnect” on Dartmouth websites and information about the phone system. The Jive cloud-based software will continue to be the engine that powers Dartmouth’s phone system; it’s just that the Jive name is being deprecated in favor of GoToConnect.

At Dartmouth, we have already upgraded everyone who was using the older Jive software, so this change will not impact the Dartmouth community – other than if you’re looking for information about “Jive”, think "GoToConnect".


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Wed 3/25/20 3:23 PM
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