First Use GoToConnect Issues

There are a few issues we've seen when people are first converting to GoToConnect. They are listed here - along with their solution.

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You receive an error that your account doesn't exist.

  • This is most likely due to one of two reasons:
    1. You tried to log into GoToConnect before your account has been set up in the phone system. 
    2. When logging in, the first thing you're prompted for is your email address. This must be entered in the format <NetID> Most people are used to giving their email address as <name> GoToConnect is set up with your NetID rather than your name so if you enter your the system won't find an account for you. 
  • If you get caught in a loop from doing one of the two steps above, there are two suggestions to get out of the loop:
    1. If you're on a page that has a '"Not you?" link, click that to return to the Email Address page.
    2. If you manually created an account with Jive, and were able to get in but don't have any functionality, click your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then Sign Out from the menu that appears.

You try to install GoToConnect Mobile on your smart phone and receive an error that it isn't supported.

  • GoToConnect Mobile on iOS devices requires iOS 12.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • GoToConnect Mobile on Android devices requires 8.x and higher.
  • Upgrade your smart phone to a supported version. If your smart phone cannot be upgraded to the appropriate version, then GoToConnect Mobile will not work on your phone.

You get a red bar at the top of GoToConnect preventing you from making calls.

People you're talking with report your audio is "choppy" or you sound like you're "in a tunnel".

  • This can be caused by several different reasons:
    • You're using a headset that is plugged into your monitor, docking station, or through an adapter. Try plugging your headset directly into your computer.
    • You have too many applications running on your computer. Try quitting things like Skype, Zoom or Teams. These are all software-based phones as well and use the same resources that GoToConnect would be using.
    • You are on a network that doesn't have enough bandwidth. If you're working at home, and your television is also through your Internet connection, try turning off your TV.

Calls are going directly to voicemail.

  • Check to make sure you do not have "do not disturb" enabled on your phone. See "Do Not Disturb" for information on how to do this.
  • If "do not disturb" is NOT enabled, go to Report a Phone Problem to report an issue with your phone.


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