Answering Multiple Lines with GoToConnect

When you log into the GoToConnect application on your computer, smart phone, or via a web browser, you are only able to make and receive calls sent to the phone number associated with the NetID you used to log into GoToConnect. 

However, there are some options:

  1. Log into GoToConnect on your computer for your phone number, then log into using Firefox or Chrome for the second line. It's important to note for this option that If your web browser is minimized, even if you are logged into, any calls to the number you are logged into via the web browser will go to voicemail; your phone won't ring in the minimized browser window. 
  2. Log into with the NetID and password for the second line. Then, use "Find Me Follow Me" to set the second line you need to ring on the first line. In this scenario you wouldn't know if someone was calling your number or the second number. If multiple people answer the second line, using "Find Me Follow Me" while logged into the second line, you can have the second line ring multiple other lines - either at the same time or in a specified sequence.
  3. Within GoToConnect, if you answer two lines, at the bottom of the window where it shows your extension "on Softphone", click the down arrow to the right of your extension to see the other numbers that you answer. You can then click the other extension to switch to it. You would then be in GoToConnect logged into the second line. This would be an easy way to switch back and forth between the lines - but only the number currently showing on the screen would ring; not the others.
  4. Just let the second line go to voicemail. If you are in the second account's email box regularly, if someone calls that phone and leaves voicemail, the voicemail message would appear as an email in the account's email box. You can then listen to the audio of the voicemail message, or read the transcript, and respond to the caller that way. 



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